Be absorbed

As a procrastinating writer, absorbed has always been a distant emotion to me. This term is not often related to feelings. The primary reason could be science, especially physics. Absorption is a physical property that could vary for different metals. Some elements have the power to intake various things. They look at the art of co-existing and surviving together.
A classic example is a sponge. Most people do not even give a second glance to this humble sponge.

It is often used as a decorative or utility item. I remember using it to make a doll. I was always surprised how this simple item could be transformed into a beautiful entity with some sequins and bands. We took so much care to make it unique and special. But we never realised the valid message behind this activity. We lost our interest in this toy after a certain point and time. I wonder if we would have learned a valuable lesson if we had retained the dolly.

Everyone knows the price of the sponge. It is affordable and available in bulk. They come in various colours and sizes. We know that the sponge absorbs fluids. But we fail to realise that they can let go and retain their original shape. As the more advanced and intelligent species, we have multiple priorities. We begin to determine and predict the progress chart of a child even when the mother is pregnant. We are so influenced by the social norms that we fail to concentrate on things.

Life has become like a game show with many levels. People are expected to follow all these steps to attain the final prize. The best part is the reward is not that great. Fitting in might seem like a benefit, but it does restrict us from relishing our lives. This need forces us to attempt and do things that we might not like. All children are expected to follow the standard cycle of education and employment.

They are graded with the same criteria, even when they are distinguishably different. This tampers with their ability to focus on the subject. They tend to skim the books for the sake of marks and parental pressure. This behaviour is reflected in various aspects of their adult time. Education and employment are indeed vital for their financial stability. However, it is essential to develop multiple measuring scales to enhance individual potential.

Happiness has become an abstract terminology these days. The bank balance of the person determines their status level in society. Most creative people have a set of challenges in finding the right opportunity to kick-start their career. They strive hard to achieve and envision their passion and fantasies. The external negativity and pressure could inhibit their ability to concentrate on their work.

However, it is not possible to change the community. But we can modify our expectations. As a procrastinating writer, I focus towards the positive traits, so it will help them to be absorbed of the task. This will help me to justify my efforts while battling the demons. This might not work for you, but it does not hurt to try. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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