21 days challenge

Dear Diary,

As you probably know, I do love writing. I do not know when this interest begin. It was initially a way to express my emotions. When my voice failed to convey my feelings, I resorted to words as a backup option. However, my procrastinating tendency often clashes with my urge to write. I am at constant odds with these two dominating characteristics. The inspiration is another major challenge. On a miraculous day, I am filled with concepts and ideas. Sometimes, I feel absolutely nothing for many days and even weeks. I have more than one reason to love the 21 days challenge or any other writing challenge. It gives me a fighting chance to urge me to write. I do not know how many people would understand the struggle behind this war. Some people are blessed with great concentration and dedication. I am at constant battle with myself to become a better person. I want to write not just for a livelihood but as a means to connect with the world. I don’t have much success with these challenges. But that does not stop me trying. I really hope that i will continue writing. Otherwise, this will be my last post.

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