About Me

Why do you write? Others and I have asked me this question. I am passionate about it is the standardised, automated reply. However, it has a significant impact on my life. I started writing by accident. I am not clear yet if I have the skills for it. I did not begin writing for an audience. It started as an outlet mechanism. People tend to unwind and view life in different ways. I developed the habit of approaching life with cohesive sentences which did not make sense. After multiple failed efforts at blogging, I decided to pen down my thoughts about it. I do not believe in providing tips and tricks on how to beat procrastination. There are qualified people in the field who are better at it. I acknowledge the struggles associated with it and extend my support to others. Inspiration is crucial for writing down our thoughts. I express my opinion about things that influence or impact me. Writing is an art and science of expressing our emotions. It helps us to communicate with ourselves and the world. This blog is an attempt to address my procrastinating tendencies. Feel free to connect if you battle the same hurdles.