Be Curious

This could be one of my favourite emotions. I am always inquisitive about the different things in life. Of course, I am not alone in this behaviour as everyone is still curious about something. But the only difference is most people refrain from asking the questions aloud. We develop an all-knowing persona, as we grow older. We consider our lack of knowledge or understanding of a subject as a sign of weakness. Ultimately, we stop learning and pretend that we have control over life. Why is it important to be curious? It is super easy to pretend that we are smarter than the rest of the regular folks. Even when we might not have all the answers, it is better to stay silent. Somewhere along the line, we have come to the understanding that silence is a sign of intelligence. Why ask questions when the other option is so easy and straightforward? A question is not just about curiosity. It is a depiction of our desire to learn and adapt. The human race has and will always depend on evolution for improvement. We have depended on this concept for our survival.

Most of our innovations have become possible because someone asked the right or wrong questions. The journey from curiosity to silence is long and rocky. People do not just stop asking their doubts due to age. Their experience and their surrounding play a vital role in this decision. It is a common myth that people tend to stop asking their queries when they attain a certain age. Though there is strong social evidence that supports this factor, the reality is slightly different.

As kids, we were always curious about almost everything. We asked them even without thinking about any factors. We felt like it was our birthright to ask them. We even irritated the adults around us in our quest for knowledge. However, once we began our journey with our peers, we started second-guessing ourselves. We began to contemplate the authenticity of the questions. Sometimes, even the people around told you directly or indirectly to ask valid queries.

Little did we realise that there are no right or wrong questions. We do not comprehend that it is our right to ask them. Most problems at the social, political and personal level arise because people tend to bottle up the emotions. We tend to avoid uncomfortable conversations in lieu of the greater good. A healthy level of curiosity is necessary to transform our lives. This would help us to improve and enhance certain aspects of our being.

In the digital era, people can gather relevant information from the internet. The authenticity of the data could not be validated. Still, it is vital to keep asking and learning. It would play a critical role in personal and professional development. Always be curious and keep asking the right and wrong questions. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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