Be Enchanted

As the hero walked through the enchanted forest, covered with mist and moss, his anticipation grew of the impending surprise. This sentence or something similar to this statement can be found in fairy tales and fantasy books. There is something magical about the whole sentence. If we look closer, it might not mean much as it depicts the hero or the main character’s journey. However, the word enchanted completely changes the entire meaning and tone of the sentence. This word is not commonly used in our daily life.

Most people even forget about the word amidst their busy schedules. In reality, we do not just forget the word; we completely ignore the entire concept. It is a well-established fact that people have become slaves or puppets to their schedule. Though this statement might seem a little harsh, it is not far from the truth. Everyone has a predetermined and programmed way of approaching life. The social and financial pressure somehow manages to extinguish the flames of awe and wonder. Sometimes, I do envy the curiosity and mystery in the eyes of children.

Having said, It is also imperative to note that the pressure of performance is slowly killing the kid in all of us, even those in that phase. Every child is expected to excel in both their academics and extracurricular activities. Though we can sugar coat it as a means of securing their future, we know that it is also for the benefit of the parents. In their defence, most parents yearn to provide children with ample opportunities. This could also be a mechanism to overcompensate that absence as well as their childhood aspiration.

Either way, the concept of enchantment gradually withers away amidst this clutter. Many people might wonder why this emotion is essential. Don’t we all need a big fat paycheck at the end of the day? Why bother with emotions if they give us that security? Some of us fail to enjoy life and understand its true essence. We are super involved in our quest for acknowledgement and independence that we fail to relish the beauty of the process. This could seem like a non-relevant factor, as the end does not necessarily justify the means. However, in the longer run, the journey would mean so much more than the end. We cannot predict the result even if all the factors are in alignment.

But the path to achieving it can be memorable and, in other words, enhanced. As a procrastinating writer, I often tend to get lost in my thoughts and other elements. Though this does not necessarily mean that I get to relish the enchantment concept or utilise the time productively, I am always grateful for these moments. A writer might find their muse or inspiration from even the smallest things during the darkest time. In a world where there is a shortage of motivation and emotion, it is vital to cherish every aspect. I might not achieve much by wondering about the mystery around me, but it does help me stay connected with the world. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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