Be Fascinated

Fascinated is the verb used to denote the feeling of being attracted or deeply interested in something. We tend to feel it when we like something or someone. Though it is not used much in colloquial terms, it is quite a beautiful feeling. Most people feel it when they have their first crush on a person or element. It is very much possible to experience it during different phases of our life. Unfortunately, most people lose or forget the feeling amidst their hectic schedule. The pressure of life tends to push them to a monotonous mode. Fascination might seem like an abstract emotion.

We live in an era where there is no space or time for abstract things. The field of creativity has so much scope for abstract emotions and elements. But it might never be adequate to fill the world with light. We do not understand the negative impact that could occur due to the lack of these elements. The absence of fascination could cause a void or vacuum in our lives. It is a well-established fact that people tend to perform better when they incline a subject. Over the years, humans have mastered the art of accomplishing a task without much personal interest in the subject.

this could be helpful in certain areas, it is not extremely useful. This void would not only make people disinterested but also cause excess negativity in the environment. When people do not love or even like their jobs, the outcome is reflected in their behaviour. This would cause extra stress to them and sometimes even make them take it out on others. When we love something, we tend to be more positive and happy.

Nevertheless, the pros and cons of this argument are debatable. As a procrastinating writer, I am pretty familiar with the concept of fascination. In fact, I am pretty sure that all writers and artists tend to experience this emotion. This profound interest in an element allows them to express their passion artistically. However, this feeling does have its downside. Sometimes, people tend to get too immersed or involved in the thought process that they fail to transform them into words or art. This makes me wonder if the fascination is an allied field.

How do we maintain the balance between fascination and procrastination? The former would help people to handle their tasks in a more positive light. The latter is also a form of emotion, but it is extreme and sometimes unproductive. I wish that I could unveil the mystery of the subject. I hope that we could somehow grab the right amount of information and inspiration without getting immersed in the matter. However, I am also grateful for the ability to be fascinated by simple and complex elements. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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