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What is the true meaning of the term interest? I had always wondered what people meant when they encouraged others to show interest in things. As a procrastinating writer, I have often encountered this reference. It is pretty natural for people to misunderstand the creative vacuum or writer’s block as disinterest. It is a common misconception that people tend to fail if they do not show sufficient interest. We can consider failure as the inability to achieve optimal performance level due to various reasons.

I am always curious about the concept or at least the idea of being interested. I always wonder about the various aspects that cause people to lose interest. As children, we are a curious species. We have the thirst and aspirations to learn and explore new elements. Sometimes, we even take special precautions to understand the mysteries of the universe. Every new parent struggles to explain the phenomenon of the universe. However, little do we know that the child loses this capability as they grow up. This is a scary and alarming thought.

Still, the statement is not far from reality. Our interest in various elements is shaped and motivated by different factors. We do not learn things because of the mystery or the interest quotient. Instead, we begin to master them as a mechanism to secure our future. In school, we focus on getting good grades that we fail to understand the true meaning of the concepts. Every formula and theorem becomes another medium to score additional marks.

It is an undeniable fact that education is mandatory for securing the future of students. However, the downside is that it also acts as a mechanism to hinder their creativity. Though it is not the purpose of the system, the constant pressure and needs to excel forces everyone in a continuous cycle. People do manage to identify specific fields and avenues as their passion. They attempt to focus their efforts on these avenues.

Nevertheless, it is still a diminishing concept. Various external elements tend to threaten and discourage the interest level. At the outset, interest might seem like an overrated concept. Who needs it when there are more valuable elements. We as a species have adapted to function in a job or project without any interest or passion. Though I have not been successful in it, I am told it is a helpful tool.

However, the primary challenge of this scenario is that we tend to feel the monotony of the work. This contributes to unnecessary pressure and stress. All professions face their share of strain and challenge. However, the interest in the task could make it bearable and even fun. As a procrastinating writer, I often struggle to find interest and inspiration. But I do attempt to place my interest beyond the other disrupting factors. Then again, I have not been successful, and I still yearn to keep trying. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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