Do we own the world?

Earth with Mask

This is a common picture these days. The thought process behind this image creation could have been an attempt is understandable. The mask has become an inevitable aspect of our lives. It is essential for the safety of us and others. However, we think that we own the world. We fail to understand that we are mere residents for a specified period. The irony of the situation is that this is the first time in the century that earth does not need a mask. Nature can heal itself without human intervention. Flora and fauna are happier without industrial and vehicle pollution. Somehow, our ownership makes us irresponsible, and we exploit natural resources. We put ourselves in a higher pedestal that paves the way for the destruction of the world. Though this is just a picture, it is a testimony of our claim of the earth. Do you think it is fair? Let me know your thoughts, and I do hope that this is not my last post

  1. Ambrose 7 months ago

    Good one

  2. Chandiran 4 months ago

    Wonderful madam

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