What is the allure of fairy tales and fables? – A thought process


Once upon a time, a prince and beautiful maiden journeyed through various hardships to find their pot of gold. This could be anything from finding true love, attaining wealth or completing a challenging quest. The journey was usually portrayed to be difficult and for it. Though I am not an expert in the subject, I would like to talk about the reasons or strenuous. The path was not always easy or romantic.

I have always been impressed by fairy tales and fables. I have often lost myself in the mystic pages of these books. If you are a fairy tales enthusiast, then you might understand that people are interested due to various reasons. It is relatively easy to declare that we love these stories. However, we can get stuck or begun to ponder if people question us on why we love them. There are multiple reasons factors that cause my interest.

A thought process

I would also like to suggest some theories for the collective interest on the subject. The primary reason for my interest is the happy ending of these stories. I am obsessed with the idea that all journeys could have a pleasant ending. This is impossible or highly improbable in our lives. In the tales, the author does not show or talk about the events that happen after the climax. It is the reader’s imagination and discretion to think about these elements.

Most of us tend to think that these things could be happily ever after as depicted in the end. In reality, though we experience certain happy moments, they are few and far. Sometimes, we tend to migrate into the next challenge or phase even before we get to relish the joy of bliss and peace. We are so focused on tomorrow that we fail to view it today. As a procrastinating writer, I often tend to worry about deadlines or the inability to complete them.

This behaviour prevents me from focussing on the content I create today. Sometimes, I do not realise that it severely compromises the quality of work. The bigger issue is that it tends to hinder my ability to enjoy my passion. Writing or any form of creative expression cannot be justified without a certain level of interest. I am yet to meet a writer who does not love their profession. Though they could suffer from blocks or the frustration of the impending deadlines, they do have love or interest in their work.

Sometimes, we forget the primary reason for choosing this field of work. Fairy tales and fables have a similar plot where the character is engrossed in their journey. They seem to be focused on achieving their desired purpose despite the circumstances. Though it is mostly the writer’s commitment to keeping the character’s involvement, it is still an admirable trait. Another important thing I have noticed about the characters is their ability to maintain their core traits.

This could be difficult in reality as we tend to adapt and change our characteristics to cope up with our surroundings. This makes us lose our originality in an attempt to fit in. Are you a fan of fairy tales? What is your favourite one? Why do like them? Let me know in the comments. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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