Feel Empowered


The word empowered is often used to denote the development and progression of women. I think this is one of those fancy terms that people use to draw attention to a subject. What is empowerment? It means to feel motivated and confident to do a particular action. It does not know the exact meaning, and I guess this because the word power sits right in the middle. Various questions are surrounding this subject.

I often wonder why people need to express this emotion. If we change the system, there will be no need for empowerment. Our society always forces people to see others through tinted glasses. There are invisible lines that separate everyone. People are not only separated by gender but also by religion, caste, race and whatnot. This tampers with the normal functioning of society. Now would be the right time to ask this question? Why do we need empowerment?

The splits in the community have messed up the opportunities. People cannot get into their dream jobs as and when they like. They can have to work for it. This is not crazy as rewards become sweeter with hard work. But every person has to put in different types of work to reach the same goal. This would be easier to gauge gender discrimination. Men and women are given the same amount of work. But there are differences in the pay scales and acknowledgement level.

Women have to work harder in the office, irrespective of the responsibilities at home. If a woman manages to reach the next level, despite all these challenges, then she is said to be empowered. People forget the true concept and portray the winner as an inspiration. Though there is no argument that she is one, it is also unnecessary to make the steps harder. Why stir up the pot and invent techniques to settle it down.

All people irrespective of their races, gender, religion and belief system can feel empowered. I think it is the personal push and motivation to take the next. As a procrastinating writer, I often to even get up. The weight of my world always threatens to push me down. There are days when I have to fight me myself to even open the laptop. I am a victim of the genetic anomaly. If every aspect of the human race were similar, then it would be a healthy competition.

There would be no real need for empowerment. People can work hard and attain the place they want. But unfortunately, the world functions differently. It might be impossible for people to break centuries of segmentation. Humans find peace and war with this system. They grumble about the inequality and yet reap the benefits. This process is too much for me to comprehend. However, since we are travelling in bumpy roads and dark water, it is important to feel empowered. Life is not fair, but it is only right to keep fighting. People note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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