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Someone once told me to be open about my emotions. I really did not understand the meaning of it. In fact, I still don’t understand its true implications. It felt creepy and weird. I could not understand how a word so simple be super complicated. If humans can be open, the world would be a more evil place. I wish I would use the term better. But we have not attained that level of civilisation yet.

Some elements are destined to be a secret. Though secrets are a form of lie, they are a good category. Before we venture into that sector, let’s talk about the concept of being open. What does that mean? My limited understanding tells me that it is the ability to be honest about your feelings. This is a simple concept right. However, it becomes complex when people and the universe became to interpret it.

Let say, I like ice cream. I am open about my feeling towards ice cream. It is a personal bonding between the two of us. But society somehow perceives that it is its responsibility to monitor this action. An unwritten rule states that not everyone can relish a healthy bonding with it. People tend to have this misguided thought that this bond should depend on body sizes. Talking from personal experiences, It has always had others tell me to think twice about this choice.

I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this predicament. I have to reconsider the thought of sharing my real thoughts to others. In others, I have to keep my mouth shut if I fear judgement. Fortunately, I don’t and it does not influence me. However, this is a classic example of the criticism and the actions surrounding the concept of feeling and being open. If ice cream is complex, think about more complicated aspects like chocolates and relationships.

I often imagine a world in which judgements would be extinct. This could be good things as people can carry a lesser burden and focus on things that are more important. But the ideal way to accomplish it would be to start being open. Sometimes, we will have to ignore social norms and embrace a healthier way of life. We have to find the ideal balance between openness and a brick wall. This might not be an easy task as we do not know the reciprocation.

Every person might react in a different way that would not be predicted. However, the best way to begin this process would be with our conscience. People become skilled in hiding their true self with the world and themselves. Though the former might not impact them, the latter is a whole new issue. After a certain point in time, people tend to lose their originality. As a procrastinating writer, I try to accept my shortcoming.

This helps us to embrace it and identify ways of rectifying it. It is so much easier to pretend to blame the situation and even the weather. But unless and until we open up to our selves, we can never grow and evolve. Every great journey begins with a single step and that step involves being honest to ourselves. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers and this could be my last post.

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