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Do we feel proud of our work? Do we feel proud of our family? Do we feel proud of our life? These are inevitable questions that we think but don’t dare utter out aloud. I often wonder if we truly understand the implication of this emotion. I feel that most people do not understand or segregate these factors from their horde of thoughts. The dictionary defines proud as ‘feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s achievements, qualities or possessions”.

This post plans to dissect and analyse every aspect of this sentence to the point that I might be proud of my work. Full disclaimer, I secretly am though I would not accept to myself or others. Coming back to the subject, more terminologies in this sentence are subjective. The meaning of these facts can differ based on the person and the scenario. Satisfaction is the feeling of being happy or content.

Unfortunately, we do not reach this level as it keeps changing. We prepare for the next target even before we achieve the current one. Though this is a part of evolution, we do not take the time to relish and enjoy the process. We are busy chasing an invisible goal that we do not feel proud about the achievements. What are the accomplishments? Most people think it is getting about getting full marks, earning a high salary and even being physically beautiful.

Our social norms have taught that success is an achievement. But every person in this world tries to improve their skills and talents. They might not score a 100 in their tests, but they are giving their best in the process. There is a thin line between trying the best or not showing interest. But since that is a separate subject, lets come back to feeling proud. As a procrastinating writer, I feel proud when I submit my work on time. It tells me that I could achieve things if I tried.

Though I might not do it daily, I tend to be happy with the small miracles. However, it is also essential to use these factors for positive action. Another distant cousin of the same family is pride. Most often, people tend to confuse both of them. Pride is a negative emotion as it makes people feel that they are somehow better than others.  Feeling proud and pride are contrast emotions. The significant difference is that one focusses on self-love and the other focus on the surrounding.

Always feel good about yourself but not at the expense of others. If success is climbing a ladder, we are so focussed on the other participants that we tend to miss a step or two. Everyone wants to achieve something in life. It is crucial to find a balance of proud and pride. Always be proud of your work and others. This simple motivation goes a long way in life.  Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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  1. Kanchana 8 months ago

    Nice, Gud work Yaar!!!

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