Feel Safe

Safety has become a relative concept in today’s world. When we utilise this terminology, we tend to think about the security of the female gender. The media and social forums talk in detail about the violence. Though we might not take many actions, the people still attempt to express their opinion. We are digitally angry and socially calm. However, we fail to realise that all humans are vulnerable to this pain.

Men and women face various challenges and hindrances. These threats might arise in different forms and types. When we talk about violence, we envision the physical scars. However, we do not understand that this aspect comes in various styles. Some damage is more profound than the scratches and bruises. Every person who ventures into the world faces his or her adversaries in multiple formats.

This could be a mean stare or word. Sometimes we hurt people even without intention. We are too engrossed in our complex minds that we fail to notice the world around us. A person comes across at least fifty to sixty people every day. They might be strangers or acquaintances. We tend to be satisfied with the façade presented by the people. Indeed, we cannot probe into the personal lives. However, we are quick to make a decision based on inaccurate facts. We assume the worst and are not worried about the truth.

Humans have grown sceptical about each other. I personally blame the competition. I love challenges and tend to thrive best when pushed. But society takes it to the next level. It defines the norms and standards. People who achieve this level is expected to be successful and even lucky. However, we fail to recognise the hard-working people. They do not feel safe from criticism. When we talk about safety, we do not just mean apparent threats. It also means social and peers pressure.

However, the worst of all is the internal trauma. Every person in the universe undergoes various challenges before finding their place in life. There are not proud or happy about different aspects of their history. Sometimes, they struggle to forgive and accept themselves. The calm and composed exterior might not be an apt reflection of the inner turmoil. Occasionally, we will not feel safe even with ourselves.

This could be harmful to everyone, especially themselves. As a procrastinating writer, we tend to focus on multiple elements at the same time. Though the intentions might be fair, the primary concentration is lost. I often find myself staring into nothing and lost at thoughts. Though I am not scared of deadlines, I am terrified of the internal criticism. It is so dangerous that I often wonder if we project them into society.

We do not realise that we are human and are capable of committing mistakes. Some aspects, like procrastination, cannot be treated. It could be managed, but it is not probable to get rid of it. Let’s feel safe within ourselves and also make others feel the same. It might not solve their problems, but it would not make it worse. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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