First Love

Dear Diary,

What is the first time you fell in love? I am not sure who coined the term falling in love. Falling is not a positive terminology. It is always used in a negative context. Why would we use this term with something a beautiful as love? Humans have no control when it comes to this emotion. Our logical side loses all power, and the emotional part takes over. Love is not just thought with the brain. It is felt with the heart. The first love is the most wonderful experience in the life of all humans. We break all barriers and challenges our beliefs. The best part of the feeling is that we are too innocent and naïve to understand it. The attraction is beyond our mental comprehension. We know that we cannot survive without the other person. Our whole existence begins to revolve around this person. Most people do not succeed in their first love. It becomes a memorable event and even a permanent scar. But it is one of the best emotions in human life.

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  1. Chandiran 2 years ago

    Good thoughts

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