Is that why we romanticise mother’s day?

Mothers are the most selfless people in the world to their family and offsprings. Everyone loves their mothers and give them a special place in their lives. Most people have the habit of overseeing the sacrifices of our mothers. We are too busy in our lives to understand the blessing in our lives. We do not realise the real impact of the relationship until we leave home. The commercial segment has invented many essential days of for-profit purposes. It is a booming segment that guilt trips people to buy gifts for their loved ones. Somehow we think that it erases our faults for the entire year. The sentiment for the family is one of the biggest markets of all times. We would get the world for them (of course if it is on sale and we get a good deal. Does giving a meaningless gift compensate our insensitiveness?. It that why we romanticise mother’s day? Let me know your thoughts, and I do hope that this is not my last post.

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  1. Chandiran 9 months ago

    Nice thought. .

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