Let’s be appreciative

Appreciation is slowly becoming an extinct emotion. Everyone has a distinct purpose and goal in life. Every human is a part of a complex ecosystem. Though we might not even consider the roles of certain people in our lives, they are vital to the smooth functioning of the task or activity. We are in the pursuit of better things, and we fail to appreciative. Some people might argue that the human race is moving towards a more enhanced future. Every comfort and discomfort we relish today as a product of the evolution.

If humans have not focussed on it, we would still be travelling on foot and depend on manual labour for even the necessary activities. Writing would have been difficult when we do on papyrus with a quill. This would give me a valid reason for procrastination. Leaving personal grudges aside, we are always focussed towards the future. Various inspirational quotes and articles motivate people to disregard the failures of the past and push forward. This is somewhat true as people can feel discouraged about their mistakes.

Most people deploy a straightforward approach. We keep fighting towards attaining success, but we never relish the journey. We run behind a target or goal. We never realise that it is a mirage. The objectives keep changing, but the journey does not have any replays. Sometimes, the days merge and disappear into weeks even before we comprehend it. The dates have merely become a denotation of the meeting and tasks. We no longer consider it as 24 valid hours or precious fleeting moments.

People might wonder why this is important. After all, the result matters more than anything else. However, human beings are emotional species which require appreciation and acknowledge. Though we might pretend that we can above all these norms, we secretly cherish these pats and stars. It might seem like a child’s play. We claim that gold stars are elements of our childhood. We proclaim that since we are adults, we do not require this praise. We strongly believe that our success lies in the outcome.

However, this is also the reason that people feel frustrated after a certain point in time. We do not feel happy about the job or any activity. It causes various issues in the personal and professional environment. Everyone around us tries their best to support us in our goals. We are so focussed in our priorities that we ignore them. People have the habit of underestimating the roles of others. Every job and activity needs to be handled with dedication and concentration. We measure the importance of the employment by the financial benefits.

This is the reason that homemakers are not appreciated across the globe. As a procrastinating writer, I have struggled with delivering quality content. I tend to recoil and sulk every time I get a bad review or feedback. Though the action does not directly affect me, it feeds my insecurities. Most people do not understand the complication of their actions. Good writers are not born in a day. It takes months and even years of practice. Do not let negative feedback stop you from following your passion.

It is a skill that can be developed, and I am sure you are the best you can. Next time, you find yourself in a difficult situation, pat yourself in the back. Because you deserve it and also self-appreciation is an excellent place to start. Also, support others as everyone needs a gold star occasionally to feel rejuvenated. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

  1. B Sudharsan 2 months ago

    Well written and very thoughtful!

  2. SIDDHARTH VAMSI 2 months ago

    Good thought

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