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Before I start this article, let me tell you that I have no clue why I connect the emotion friendliness with a train journey. Yes, a friend is not a relation; it is an emotion. The term friend has different meanings in our life. It usually does not represent a person.

We often perceive that it is connected to a particular person. But, in reality, it is something different. Allow me to elaborate. Friends are considered to be one of the most critical relationships in our lives. A person can have multiple friends at the same time.

However, we do not share the same degree of connection with everyone. Though we address them by a collective term, relations are unique. Sometimes, we do not even stop to think about it. We do not realise that emotionally connectivity with each person is different.

Different external and internal factors could influence this behaviour. A friend is not a common noun; it is an abstract noun. Since I have expressed that point let me board the train. I have always been fascinated by local trains.

People who have used this service during peak time will understand my point. Every passenger is a character from a different movie. The train is overrun by different emotions. Of course, most days, we do not have the time or patience to stop and smile.

The primary group of travellers belong to the working class. These are individuals who are attempting to balance between their office and home needs. They understand their roles in both places. They are forced to adapt and evolve. Their interests often take a backseat amidst this chaos.

If we are thinking about the crowd in the trains, imagine the chaos in the mind of the passengers. The ruckus and fight to board and descent from the train would be a typical sight. The innocent bystander could be the victim of harsh words and sharp nudges.

However, there is no malice about the whole action. It is a daily routine in their daily lives. People immediately forget the actions and move on to their task at hand. They don’t hold grudges as they understand the simplicity of the situation. The friendships born and bred in trains are always interesting to watch.

This tends to happen between regulars who follow the same schedule. They are individuals from varied backgrounds and stories. They do not have much in common. Their conversation time is minimal. They do not linger about it once they leave the train. Still, they sincerely care about each other.

There is no benefits or expectation. They talk about nothing and everything. I have always wondered about the possibility of these beautiful relationships. Everyone is in a hurry and have different priorities in mind. Still, it all began with a smile. It is surprising how a simple action could pave the way for a selfless emotion.

As a procrastinating writer, I always look for stories and experiences. Whenever I see them, I could not help but wonder about how I all began. Did it start with a nudge or smile or both? We will always have other priorities but always be ready to embrace this emotion, friend. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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  1. B Sudharsan 2 months ago

    ‘A friend is not a relation; it is an emotion’. What an amazing way to define the word ‘friend’!

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