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I wonder why I start an article with a disclaimer. Word is a complex element and can be easily misinterpreted. The reader could understand it in a completely different perspective. Surprisingly, we cannot blame anyone, as everyone is right in some way.
As I was thinking about this topic, the first thing that came to my mind was friends. I even reconsidered the subject as it seemed a little overboard. We all love or at least like our friends.

This post does not apply to best friends as it is a different relationship. This is about general friends with who we share a rapport and yet somehow fail to be in touch. Humans are super bored with digital advancements. There is nothing wrong with it. I love to waste time on social media, like others. Somehow we believe that these advancements make the world a much smaller place. This is a complex sentence.

There is much truth in it though it might not be authentic. I remember the days when It was really expensive to make an overseas call. We cut the call precisely at the 58th second or continued talking for a few more seconds if it exceeds it.
Talking to friends and relatives abroad was a treat. We relished every moment of it as it did not happen often. Today, we have multiple modes of communication.

People can talk to anyone across the globe with minimal or no direct charges. Somehow, the whole process has seemed to lose its allure. We have the means to talk to our friends, but we do not have a heart. It might sound rude, and I could hear the naysayers. But I do not believe in the concept of lack of time. Whenever a person says that they too busy to call, I feel like asking them if they will succeed in solving the hunger crisis. All humans are blessed with 24 hours in a day. Our productive hours could vary from 7 to 14 hours.

It is different for me because as a procrastinating writer, I would be happy if I worked effectively for 5 hours. We spent the remaining time on prepping or wasting. This duration can be used to call or renew a friendship. Most people lose their friends due to lack of time. After a point of time, the ego sets in and completely burns the bonds. I am not different, either. I take the time for replying to their WhatsApp status or Facebook post.

This is a wake-up call for everyone, including me. In a period of lesser digital distractions, we had more time for friends. Today, we attempt to stay connected through the social forums and eventually let go of the chemistry. As a procrastinating writer, we often get lost in our thoughts and inspirations. We feel that the vision might disappear if we lift our heads. But, take a deep breath and make that call. If it might not help you to write, but it will save a friendship. Please note that this is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.


  1. jp221924 8 months ago

    I think we had more friends when before the technology development.

  2. Chandiran 7 months ago

    Good writer

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