Let’s be open-hearted


Anyone stuck in traffic would have witnessed this moment. It does not know if we will give it a second glance, but it keeps happening. We see children and adults selling meaningless objects amidst the roaring vehicles and the hot sun. The angry and impatient looks do not faze them. Their goal is quite simple. They aim to sell the product and try different tactics. They are relentless. They are invulnerable to insults and harsh words.

They do not go even when people chase them away. They beg and plead to make a sale. These are simple items that do not have any practical use in our lives. An adult has no use for a colouring book or a toy car. People usually tell them that they do not need the product. I have witnessed this scene and have often wondered about the fairness of the situation. However, I am even amazed by the reaction of the people.

Everyone is held up with different priorities and do not have time for anything. We are so focussed with our stress and drama. Though this does not make us evil, it makes us selfish. Everyone is conscious and careful about spending their hard-earned money. Somehow, we might be extra calculative when it comes to buying a wiping cloth or sun shield from the street vendors. We try to haggle the prices though we know that they do not make much profit.

We think twice about spending ten or twenty rupees to buy that profit. However, we do not consider the money we waste in binge shopping. We analyse the quality of the product and conduct a complete SWOT analysis in our head. I do not understand the logic and practicality behind this concept. Somehow, we always have our doubts about the cheap products and do not think much about making a significant investment (or expense).

We understand the need of the street vendors and yet bargain for the prices. However, we are willing to pay double or triple the same amount as shipping charges. In our defence, we are worried about exploitation and other social crimes. We believe that there is a vast conspiracy theory behind the kid selling crayons. We think that we should not encourage child labour. And we are right in so many ways.

But what we do not realise is that the kid or the family depends on that money for their survival. We might not lose much by buying that product. We might not even use it. But it stops a child from begging and even encourages them to make an honest living. As a procrastinating writer, I have always wondered about the story behind every person. I think there has to be a valid reason behind this tough choice.

No one like to be scolded and insulted. Still, it takes courage to put on a brave face and sell the products day in and out. Be cautious but also be open-hearted. Do not think about the product. Think about the effort and hunger in those eyes. Yes, people will exploit you, but let us be kind and open-hearted. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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  1. Chandiran 8 months ago

    Wonderful thought

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