Let’s be sympathetic


Sympathy is always considered as an emotion associated with pity or sorrow. We do not correlate the emotions as compassion shown to others. We are often conflicted on this avenue as it does not sit well in various situation. Pity is not considered as a positive situation. Most of us are lost and do not know how to communicate this feeling. This is a natural response and does not make us bad or evil.

Every person in this world is capable of feeling bad for others. We do not find joy or satisfaction in the suffering of others. Most people do not even wish bad things for their worst enemy. They understand that holding a grudge would only complicate the situation and increase the pain. Real-life is a lot different from the Tamil serials. People do not have the time or patience to plan and launch a revenge scheme.

When others hurt us, we tend to react in anger. We might even hate and curse them. But most people do not go out the way to make their lives miserable. We all feel bad and sad when we see our loved ones in pain. We still feel bad for a stranger. However, we do not know how to express our sorrow or sympathy. Everyone realises at some level; it is impossible to convey these emotions in words.

Though we express our sorrow in words about their loss, we think it might not have much impact. People often say I understand your pain. However, in reality, it is not possible to realise or even comprehend the emotions of another person. There is also another primary concern on this topic. When people ask us to be sympathetic, we immediately connect it to the misfortune of others.

We do not realise that misfortunes come in various forms and styles. Some tears are visible, but a fair percentage of it cannot be seen. We never really understand the storm behind a calm face. We are quick to judge the actions of a person without considering their circumstances. This is because we have a predefined expectation from everyone. When a person does not meet these invisible goals, we judge them and consider them as incompetent.

When people seem the term procrastinating writer or procrastination, they often relate it to laziness or just plain old arrogance. They do not consider it as a real issue. However, there is a solid and valid reason behind almost every procrastinator. We are battling with multiple elements and are still attempting to fight this factor. No one likes to criticised and embarrassed in a public forum.

Nevertheless, when people express their shortcomings, it means they are asking for help. Even if you cannot give them the support, it is morally wrong to criticise them. When we talk about sympathy, we miss out an important person. Some people are kind to the world and harsh to themselves. Always love yourself and give yourself more credit. Never measure your success in terms of the world. You are all that matters. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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