Let’s be warm


Let me be honest; I got sidetracked when writing this post. I floated through different ideas but eventually lost track of it. Emotions have always been unique to me. I have the habit of magnifying the minute feelings to relish the intricate aspects of it.

My friends call it overthinking, but that is the way I can process life. I can quickly skim through life even without a second thought. However, I also tend to reside on particular moments and extract the emotions out of it.

I am always fascinated by human interaction between strangers. It makes me consider the feasibility of past lives. We like and hate a stranger for no apparent reason. We could give this trait fancy names like instincts or vibe.

I call it the invisible bond that connects the entire race. Some bonds are more strained and could cause friction. We never get the opportunity to pick and choose the people. We meet them under different circumstances and bond over shared interests or necessity.

However, something beyond our comprehension brings people together. Most people from the metro cities are not warm to strangers. This is probably due to the higher crime rates compared to the rural regions. People always attempt to be on their vigilant behaviour.

However, in an attempt to protect ourselves, we have lost the warmth in relationships. This term is not generally associated with a human feeling. This is because people do not relate to it in that manner. What is warmth? Like all English words, this word has multiple meanings.

This can be as a temperature quotient but as not as an emotion. We have so many different active and redundant emotions. Why borrow a shared word from the weather family? This is an essential factor that could uplift the social connectivity.

Humans are social creatures who tend to live as a community. People do not like to live alone even though they claim otherwise. A person rejects human contacts only when they feel hurt or dejected. Nevertheless, everyone craves for the compassion and appreciation of others.

This might not be a sign of weakness or vulnerability. This basic human expectation is passed down through the generations. Like our positive traits, we also share this need. Though people have become skilled at masking these emotions, it does break free at times.

Friends are an essential part of this process. Most of us would be lost without our best buddies. But we forget that they were once strangers that we met by chance. We never know about a person, and it is not right to make a judgement based on their appearance.

We can be polite and warm without compromising our safety. We might not meet that person again, but it does not hurt to treat them with respect and warmth. As a procrastinating writer, we treat all our characters with compassion.

We understand their role in the story even if they do not play the lead. Why are we hesitant to replicate it in the real world. We do not achieve much by mistreating a person. But warmth will thaw even the coldest heart. This might sound like a fairy tale cliché. Yet, it brightens the path to a better society. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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  1. Shan 8 months ago

    Wise words!

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