Raya and the Last Dragon – A Parody



The story happens at Kumandra, a once lush and prosperous place. It is segmented into five sectors – Heart, Spine, Fang, Talon and Tail. In the ancient days, humans and dragons coexisted in harmony. However, a fight with the Druun causes the dragon to turn into stone. The only remaining artefact is the Dragon stone that the people of Heart guard. The other tribes believe that this stone is the reason for the region’s prosperity. The head of the area and the protagonist’s father, Chief Benja, firmly believes that all the regions can be united again.

He invites them for a meal as an initiative to take the first step. However, the young princess of Fang, Namaari, tricks Raya, the lead of the plot to reveal the location of the dragon stone. In the ensuing fight, the stone is broken, and this unleashes the Druuns. Most people including Chief Benja turn to stone as the evil force invade the lands. The heroine sets in search of the last surviving dragon to reverse the curse. Though there is no authentic proof for its existence, she relentlessly searches for six years. She finds Sisu, the last surviving dragon and seeks her assistance.

This playful and optimistic entity join forces with Raya to track the remaining stones and restore Kumandra. Though her initial goal is to revive her father, she crosses various obstacles to find the stones. The surviving people from the other tribes also join the cause. As they attempt to retrieve the final piece from Fang, Sisu is killed in the fight between Namaari and Raya. As the crew lose hope, they realise that they can survive only by trusting each other. This approach powers the dragon stone and saves Kumandra.

What would have happened if Raya had given up?

This movie depicts various emotions that would impact our action. This combination includes negative emotions like jealousy, anger, vengeance, and positive feelings like hope, trust, and perseverance. As a procrastinating writer, you might feel various emotions. Sometimes, these might be personal, or they could even replicate the character’s feeling. Either way, it could cause us to develop a strong plot. In this movie, the character’s wade through multiple emotions. They suffer huge losses and try their best to survive.

Sometimes, when things do not happen our way, we have this uncontrollable need to give up. We could be willing to accept loss rather than fail. The protagonist Raya kept searching for fantasy for six years. Though no one has seen a dragon for over 500 years, she still wanted to try. It is difficult to keep trying, and there is no second thought about it. However, the alternative would be accepting defeat and disappointment.

This is not just failure to complete the task; it is also the guilt that would corrode our souls. Procrastination is a tough battle, but it is also manageable if we keep trying. Share your experience about your small victories against this long battle. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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  1. Sheeba Priya 7 months ago

    Wow. Great meaning to the story.

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