The Selfie Effect


Let’s take a selfie to express the success or failure of this post. Selfies have gained popularity in a short duration. We have developed a habit of recording every moment of our lives. The term selfie has a deep resonance with almost every smartphone user. Every person clicks one or more selfies every other day. This can be used to capture emotions or places or even small actions. The concept has diversified into groupies and other stuff to accommodate the evolving interest. Why are selfies famous? Why have they not lost their charm?

Every new technology and trend lose their hype at a certain point. But selfies seem to be immortal at least at this point and time. I have a theory or three that could be the cause. I am not an expert, and my opinion could be a manifestation of my imagination. This is the digital world where everyone has a voice and image. We don’t have to write long letters and even mumble to ourselves. We have the opportunity to capture the moment and share it with others. This brings me to the second theory. Humans are social creatures, and we tend to survive as a group.

Though we might boast about individuality and uniqueness, we need validation from time to time. We are probably the only species on earth to seek attention by proclaiming our differences. We strive hard to be different and expect people to celebrate those factors. Every pout and pose is distinct if we see it from the right angle, or we could just read the hashtags. Selfie is an excellent opportunity to establish this sense of self and at the same time, get approval (yes, that is the term even if we would strongly disagree) from others. The next theory is we are at too many places at the same time. The pictures are proof for us and the world that we exist.

However, we are missing an essential part of this concept. We are busy clicking the pics that we fail to relish the moment. We miss the exact second that might be a great inspiration by adjusting the camera angle. The final assumption is that it gives us something worthwhile to do. We have grown apart as a community and needs some lubricant to bind out. We feel that the angling of the phone and pouting should do the trick. I am a big fan of selfie and do not have anything against it. My gallery with multiple identical pictures of me is proof of that.

But this inclination could be a positive trait for procrastination. We could mark every milestone (even the smallest one because I know the effort) with a selfie. It would act as the reminder that we have a chance even when things get bad. This would act as the motivation to keep trying. Always remember that it is not always about winning, it is about making the effort. Let me click to commemorate this post before signing off. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last blog too.

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