The symbiotic relationship


Human beings depend on each other for their survival and development. We have a complicated relationship with our fellow beings and the environment. No written clause or law defines these bonds. There is always the probability that one person reaps the benefit while the others are forced to pay the bill. This exchange is never healthy in the long run. A symbiotic relationship might be the answer to building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Most creatures in nature have learned the art of co-existing and support the growth of each other. A simple honey bee needs honey for survival, but it does not exploit the flowers. This simple bond is one of the prime reasons for pollination. This is one of the more straightforward examples of nature. Various species of flora and fauna coexist and manage the delicate ecosystem. This teaches us the real value about the benefit of these useful connections.

Humans never really understand the true meaning of a symbiotic relationship. Some people support others to the point of sacrificing their happiness. Some people are selfish to take advantage of their fellow beings. I sometimes wonder if we realise the extent of our mistakes. Our survival instincts force us to utilise the available resources for upgrading our life. This does not determine the character of the person. We might not be evil or wrong, we are lost souls who strive to establish a place in the world. We treat people differently based on our intuition and preconceived notion.

This causes a constant imbalance in relationships. Sometimes, we do not comprehend that we are hurting others by our actions. We assume that it is our birthright to seek help from others. Some people do not even realise that they should be express their gratitude or return the favour. Every bond is indeed different. Some people do not expect anyone in return. They genuinely wish for our wellness. At the same time, others might not be vocal about the discomfort. In either way, it is our responsibility to support each other.

This might sound like a business transaction. But everyone deserves a smile and appreciation from time and again. It really pains me that people do not support each other. I understand the self-centred in an office environment as it is often the survival of the fittest. However, personal connections should be focus on the happiness of everyone involved.

I personally feel that it is a sin to exploit others in the name of personal relationships. On a side note, procrastinating writers can form a symbiotic bond with inspiration. This is a critical step to help us battle our common enemy. The cosmic balance between procrastination and inspiration can be fruitful for our endeavours. I have the habit of losing valuable inspiration due to my inability to put it into words. I sometimes delay the work in the false hope that it would remain in its place. I really wish to build a robust bridge between both of them. Let me know your thoughts, and I do hope that this will not be my last post.

  1. Chandiran 5 months ago

    Good thinking

  2. SIDDHARTH VAMSI 3 months ago

    Awesome thoughts

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