What can procrastinating writers learn from fairy tales and fables?

Procrastination is a genuine issue and habit that tends to affect the productivity of the person. Most people tend to believe that procrastination is a form of laziness. However, it is so much more than it. People do not procrastinate on purpose. Sometimes, it is beyond their control. Though I cannot speak on behalf of everyone, I can share my experiences as a procrastinating writer. I am a self-proclaimed lazy girl, and it does not make me feel bad. I firmly believe that a certain amount of the habit is needed for improvement.

If we look closely, most inventions that simplify our lives can save time and energy. It defines the thin line between hard work and smart work. The purpose of this blog or article is not to encourage any negative habits. However, it is a reassurance attempt to all my fellow procrastinating writers.

One of the primary ways I fall into this path is when I attempt to find inspiration. Most writers and creative people need an inevitable push or pull towards something.s I often find myself getting lost in this search. When I try to find a muse, the pull is too strong to ignore the deadlines. This can also work the other way when we fail to find the right inspiration.

Fairy tales and fables contain interesting plots and messages. Though most of these stories are set in a mythical world, the emotions are real. This made me wonder if I can use them as a source of inspiration. Then again, there is also the question of how we can adapt an excellent material. I do not even want to think about copyright issues.

What can we do to utilise these materials without causing injustice or disrespect to the original script? This made me ponder about the fables and stories in our literature. The morals in these elements can be replicated and utilised in today’s world. This could fulfil the need for direction. Sometimes, I think that there are only limited plots in the world.

However, there are infinite variations and methodologies of communicating them; For instance, almost every romance novel is about the love between two individuals. However, the setting, reason, journey and experiences differ. Similarly, I imagine if all characters in the movie, novel, or story have a unique voice. We are so focused on the persona of the antagonist and protagonist that we fail to see or even acknowledge the supporting characters.

These beautiful stories would always have other silent voices in them. This would be a fantastic opportunity for aspiring writers. We can provide our imagination and aid them to communicate our version. After all, everyone does deserve a place to tell their story. This applies to both the characters and the writers. Has fairy tales and fables inspired your writing journey? How do you handle your procrastination tendencies? Let me know in the comments. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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