What do we miss about our childhood?


Children are considered to be the future of the family and country. It is one of the best phases in our lives. There is something beautiful and serene about this stage. Almost everyone feels a strong sense of nostalgia when they think about their childhood. Our best memories come from this stage. Whenever we see children, we sigh and think about our golden days. This is usually not jealousy but a sense of longing. We do have a few regrets about our childhood. Still, we wish we could return to those days. As we grow older, we miss those days and sometimes even hope that we can relive them. I have always wondered about what do we miss the most. 

I remember wanting to grow up fast as a child. I could not wait to grow up to watch more TV and eat more chocolate. However, as shortsighted we are, I never realised that it was the golden phase. Then again, the question about why we wish for this stage remains. Adults can almost do everything that the children do.

The added part is the responsibility aspect, but that is compensated by loads of things that do not need parental permission. Children are subjected to constant supervision, and that does not offer them a lot of liberty in doing what they yearn to do. Most of these bans have a valid reason but still felt unfair during that time. The adult has the freedom to choose what they want. Humans are not afraid of responsibilities as they are imbued in our genetics. We do love to take control of our lives and sometimes others too. We might grumble that we hate this responsibility, but we secretly need that purpose to survive. ‘

Anyway, we do miss something from our childhood. My latest theory is that we don’t miss our childhood but the ability to be good. The term good means different things to everyone. I believe that there is no standard definition of good and evil. However, when we grow, we are corrupted and influenced by various factors. This forces us to make difficult choices despite our better judgement. We also develop the feeling of guilt which dictates our actions. We do not think much about it but still, it does influence us.

I was watching some kids play and realised that they were holding on to some values that adults have long forgotten. There was a certain level of honesty in the game, along with healthy sportsmanship. The game mattered more than keeping a winning score. We do not become bad when we grow. We have different priorities that motivate us to handle life without the rules. We become selfish, and this bothers us at some level. Somewhere along the line, adults lost this vision, and that’s what we miss about childhood – the ability to accept and love ourselves without the guilt and its siblings. Procrastination is a significant guilt catalyst. Sometimes we have to focus on the game instead of focusing on the winning score. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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