What would have happened if Ferdinand never escaped?


The movie Ferdinand talks about the journey of the bull who defies all expectations to attain his true passion. This story rings a bell with many circumstances in our lives. The concept of individuality is often an illusion in the community. Though we might seem like isolated groups, there is always a common connecting factor. Certain defined expectations control every action.
This behaviour is reflected in the simple choices like clothes to complex elements like a career.

People do not open to significant changes. Though there are a few liberals along the way, they are considered to rebels or forward thinkers. When it comes to the collective community response, the former always take precedence. The gender norms of the society are clearly defined and almost set in stone.

In the movie, Ferdinand is a strong bull with an affiliation for flowers and friends. He grows on a farm with his father, who is an excellent fighter. This could be seen as a parental influence in individual actions. Most of their traits are passed down through genetics or the things we experience as children. His friends ridicule him due to his lack of interest in general things.
As a bull, they are presented with two choices – fight or die.

They only have the liberty of choosing their manner of death. As humans, we tend to chase an invisible target. We do not realise the real purpose of life and focus on different priorities. Though there are certain exceptions, this practice is widely predominant. People tend to tease and lash out on others who dare to be different. This could be jealously or insecurity.
This could also be their inability to experience these elements.

Ferdinand runs away from home after his father’s passing. This choice helped him to experience his true self. He found a good home that aided to develop and present his true self. Life, however, does not present us with feasible choices. It pushes us in different directions that could make us reconsider every aspect. Sometimes, we even run away from problems only to fall into bigger and complex ones.

As a procrastinating writer, I tend to avoid specific scenarios with the blind hope that it would disappear. I attempt to identify a safe space to boost my morale. Sometimes, we need to face the problems and other times we need to retreat. The scenario could determine the course of action. I always wonder if the results would have changed if Ferdinand had stayed on the farm. He could have succumbed to the peer pressure and become a fierce bull.

He could have even resisted his stance and risked the wrath of the owners. Sometimes, we never really know where the other road would lead. We choose the best path based on the circumstances. We spent a fair share of our lives, wondering if we made the right choice. Sometimes, we have to leap faith and experience life. The outcome cannot be predicted, but that what makes life interesting. Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers, and this could be my last post.

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