Why is it better to be the black sheep?

Do you remember the nursery rhyme ‘ Baa Baa Black Sheep’? The narrator asks the sheep to share their wool with others. I don’t understand the true meaning of this poem. It could be a simple rhyme for children. Or it could have a hidden social message? The black sheep in today’s society have more significance due to their choices and actions.

Who is black sheep? I am not referring to the sheep who gave wool to the master, dame, and the little boy. The term black sheep in this context refers to the person who defies social expectations. They are immune to criticism or even good at pretending to be immune. They attempt to live without the influence of social expectations. They act as the true epitome of uniqueness and weirdness.

Our surroundings control our lives and actions. Sometimes, we do not comprehend it until it is too late. We live with an illusion that we are in total control. There is an unwritten social instruction above almost everything.  Though we might not have read it, we seem to follow it subconsciously.

We can distinctively see these factors if we look closely. In school, the marks determined our intelligence levels. Students who scored about 90 were said to be brilliant, and below 50 was considered to be well, you know what. I was an average student and almost believed this categorization. The next set of significant rules came in the form of college and course selections. Engineering and Medical were pretty much the choices in those days.

I know this makes me seem ancient, but this just a few years before the engineering segment came crashing down (of course, with me in it). Marriage is another big social game. The government decided on the minimum age for a wedding to stop child marriages. But society has determined the upper limit. Girls and women are the primary victims of these norms. If marriage and pregnancy are for girls, then it is a career for the guys.  People do not understand the emotional stress and pain when they question others of their life choices. Someone or something initiated these regulations.

This system expects humans to make their choices within the range. If a person refuses to follow it or ignores the boundaries, then they are ridiculed and sometimes even outcasted. I hope people keep asking them personal questions because they care. But It is not always communication in the wrong tone or form. I think that it is so much fun and refreshing to be a black sheep.

People will have more liberty to handle the challenges and life itself. It is not always about milestones and achievements.  It is also about experiences and moments. People should have the freedom and liberty to experiment with different elements. We might fail, but we would be happy. A writer, especially a struggling on,e, is not anywhere in the social norms. Most people do not even know the reak meaning of it.

In the words of my mother,Why do you sit and stare at the computer all day? I know she means wel, but it is an influence of the social norm. Next time, you miss a deadline or lack inspiration, don’t lose heart. It is always better to be a happy procrastinating writer rather than getting stuck.  Are you a black sheep? Or do you prefer to stay in the group? Please note that this blog is not for advanced readers and this might be my last post

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    Super mam

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