Would life be exciting if we knew the outcome?


Outcomes are a significant motivating factor in life. It is one of the crucial aspects that propel the human race to move forward. The uncertainty of future forces to be better today. Right from a young age, we were programmed to worry about the outcome. We did our homework to score good marks in the exam. Would we have learned hard if we knew the questions? All of us knew that the question mark would consist only about ten per cent of the total subject. However, the mystery factor forced us to equip ourselves with the knowledge of the subject.

Every aspect and challenge in life is focussed towards the pot of gold. No one knew the components of the pot. However, we do keep hoping that we will attain it at the end of the rainbow (which roughly translates as hardships in life). The same theory applies to our career choices and relationships. Would we work hard in a job if we know that they will eventually give us the pink slip? Would you spend so much time in a career if we know that we would ultimately hate it?

The unpredictability factor is quite high in all avenues. Though we make big plans, we can never predict what would happen in the very next minute. The biggest surprise or shock can change the direction of our lives. We begin and complete our days with multiple assumptions. Though there is a possibility that we might accomplish it, there is always a minimal chance that fate might have different plans.

I am talking about real reasons rather than fake ones due to procrastination. I hate surprises and always wanted to know the outcome. I am super curious about whether I will survive amidst the stress and drama. Sometimes, when things are dark, I wish that I would get a glimpse of the future to push me forward.

When I read a book or see a movie, I skip ahead to view the ending. This gives me the courage to watch it and even enjoy it. My defence argument is that I have too many mysteries of life. The only thing I can handle without knowing the outcome is life itself.  However, there is no fast forward option in life, and we are forced to live by the minute. The uncertainty often makes us wonder if there is a reward or at least a place to rest at the end. Yes, this factor makes life interesting.

Would the experience be exciting if we knew the outcome? I would at least like to know if I can beat procrastination on any given day. But there is always hope for everyone. We do not know how the day will turn out tomorrow. Sometimes procrastinating writers feel extremely guilty about missed deadlines and wasted time. There is a strong possibility that history will repeat itself and tomorrow can be a better day.  Let me know your thoughts, and I do hope that this will not be the last post.

  1. Sri 2 years ago

    I want to experience that but I don’t think the life would be exciting after outcome is known.. only thing we can do is to make someones life better..

  2. Sheeba Priya 2 years ago

    The surprise and rewards that come after any hardwork we do is what makes life interesting.

  3. Dhyey 2 years ago

    Very informative article
    Keep posting

  4. saeedalilakho 2 years ago

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  5. fortunegabriel 2 years ago

    Nice article dear buh life wouldn’t be interesting at all if we knew the outcome

  6. fortunegabriel 2 years ago

    Nice article dear, however life wouldn’t be interesting if we knew the outcome

    • Madhan Racing 2 years ago

      Your right , If we come to know means .The politicians dramas will revel 🙂

  7. Chandiran 2 years ago

    Super article

  8. B Sudharsan 2 years ago

    I think the very fact that we don’t know what life has in store for us is what makes life intriguing. Your article is very thoughtful and well written. It’s definitely worth giving more than one read.

  9. SIDDHARTH VAMSI 2 years ago

    Really thoughtful

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